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Blocking the chains

Go where the money is, right?

A close colleague of mine provides marketing, PR and whitepapers for new and exciting ICOs from the comfort of London and his direction from clients has always been the same: “we’re only interested in HNWI (high net worth individuals), they will buy way more than your typical Bitcoin advocate. Oh and, we’re only interested in buyers or interested parties who understand our coin offering.” For my friend, that used to make around 80% of his job’s focus on White Papers.

Blockchain — You’re doing it wrong

Whilst cryptocurrency management is one thing, blockchain and ICO development is something else entirely. I’ve invested recently in a couple of niche currencies which have a sensible white paper and initial coin offering, more importantly they have a strong blockchain backbone, something that I couldn’t wait to shout from the rooftops about. When they went live, they dropped an extra few coin in my wallet because they’d overachieved on their ICO, such was their pitch.

Products as a Service

So, what of the big brick walls for me as investor is in the case studies of ICOs or blockchains who actually have no product. Coming from a games background, the purpose of what we create is to make something for our end users and our cousins over at the Internet of Things have started to understand the vast network of intellectual properties that you might have seen in everything from Sonic the Hedgehog to League of Legends come down to very simple details:



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