The Hurry Up and Wait Syndrome

Get a move on!
  1. Set your stall out with all of the stakeholders involved in your product. Give clear approximations of leadtimes and expectations.
  2. Take a minute to stop and look occasionally. I do ballroom dancing for a hobby and we’re always told to stop mid-flow and make sure our feet are in the right place, our head is pointed in the direction we are going and that we have a good balance. Why can’t you do the same in business.
  3. What are your staff doing? Do you know? Get to know. Find out what makes them tick. If they’re idling it’s because they are bored. Can they multi-task? Do they have some secret super-human power that you haven’t tapped into yet?
  4. Do you even reflect? Reflection isn’t just a tool for agile drones. It’s a time to look at the end of a project and post-mortem. If you’re not acting upon what you see, feel or experience, you’re not nearly as productive as you could be.
  5. Who are the fast workers in your team. Identify them. Are they producing quality or just producing? Either way, channel them. It’s a little like point 3. These guys are your vanguard. Drive them forward into your next sucess. Set up your braintrust now and get these guys thinking, creating and doing.




Proud #slashie. I'm a published author of six books from island crimes to fat cats. Find me on Amazon.

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Kelly Vero

Kelly Vero

Proud #slashie. I'm a published author of six books from island crimes to fat cats. Find me on Amazon.

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